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A few day road trip around Catalonia with Irene from the tourism board.

The twist was it was a “mystery adventure tour” so I had no idea what I was going to be doing each day until we arrived at every location.

Some activities were easy and some were very hard!!


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The Dolomites 4a.jpg

2 week trip travelling through Trentino, finishing up with hiking at The Dolomites. 

Starting off in the town of Trento, I got to visit various waterfalls, mines, and even a scenic helicopter ride.


Following this I travelled to various lakes, mountains and wineries, concluding the trip hiking right by The Dolomites mountains at Baita Segantini.


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Surving Norway2.jpg

Surviving Norway


A crazy 4 day trip I went on to Norway, to follow in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton and learn polar expedition and survival skills in Finse.


This was a Star Wars movie location for the planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.


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Three Weekend Adventures In Britain


Karl & James go on a mini-adventure around their own country, visiting the cities of Manchester, Newcastle & Glasgow.

Karl was invited by IHG to go on 3 weekend adventures around Britain, showcasing the hidden gems that each city has to offer for Brit's looking to have a staycation.


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Italia: The Road To Rome


From Karl dislocating his shoulder by cliff diving, to Matt & Kathryn’s showdown at Gladiator school, this is the epic conclusion to the ‘Hippo’ Trilogy.


Their journey takes them through the tourist highlights of Northern Italy. One final road trip for this group of friends, before they went their separate ways.


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Amsterdamage: Queen's Day


What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. Unless you bring a video camera. A crazy weekend of drink, drugs and debauchery in Amsterdam for the legendary Queen's Day festival.


But all turns to darkness on the nightmare journey home, where they get stuck in the one place they don't want to be: Belgium.


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Wee Trip Te Scotland & Bach


Matt & Kathryn buy the "Hippo", a £400 van that they decide to test on this road trip to the Highlands of Scotland.


However the van breaks down before they even reach Edinburgh. It's a public holiday, all the garages are closed and the car rentals are fully booked. This trip could be over before it even begins.


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Switzerland: A Week In Wengen, Jungfrau Region


Nostalgic week returning to a place I first visited when I was 2 years old and have returned to many times: the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland, specifically Wengen and Grindelwald. 


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Snowpenair 2007


The most spectacular setting ever used for a concert!


10,000 people rocking out to Bryan Adams, 2000 metres up a snow covered mountain. This was the first travel video I made and it covers the entire trip. 


Myself and Steve were joined by Matt, who’d never seen Bryan Adams before and never really wanted to either. 


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