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Through creating his travel documentaries Karl has now started doing freelance work with STA Travel, editing some of their campaign videos and promos, plus travelling to Australia and Mexico to self-shoot and edit promos.

STA Travel - Make Waves In Queensland


This is a promo Karl shot and edited for STA Travel showing off all that Queensland has to offer in Australia. 

Travelling with a group of STA employees on a Contiki tour bus, they start in Surfer's Paradise and work their way up to the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. 

STA Travel - The Great Barrier Reef


Karl explores The Great Barrier Reef with Jacob Dixon, experiencing various activities in and around the reef and learning how tourism can help conservation.

STA Travel - On The Reef


Another video from The Great Barrier Reef series showcasing all the different ways to experience the reef. 

STA Travel - A Gold Coast Adventure


Another promo Karl shot for STA Travel, following competition winner Abbie and her 5 friends as they spend a week in the Gold Coast of Australia.

60 Day Adventure through New South Wales, Australia

Competiton winner Matt was sent to NSW for 60 days, filming some incredible footage of his journey which Karl then edited into this series. Each episode is about 60 seconds long, this first one shows the start of Matt's journey.

60 Day Adventure through New South Wales, Australia

In this bonus footage we ascend Mount Warning with Matt, keeping an eye out for the spiders along the way and being the first to see the Australian sunrise. Worth watching for the beautiful drone footage alone...

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