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TSB: The Plusness Experiment

TSB hidden camera experiment on random acts of kindness. 3 different set ups with multiple cameras edited down to tell 1 compelling story.

This was used to promote TSB's new Plus account and received nearly 2 million views on YouTube in its first month.

Tesco Retirement Savings Plan


Personal stories from Tesco's employees to encourage their entire workforce to plan for retirement.

Karl edited the audio from several (audio only) interviews with the employees and then cut it with the footage from the employees at work to bring the story to life. 

Tefal - L'atelier Street Food Cooking Class

A group of food bloggers learn how to cook street food in just half an hour. Showcasing Tefal's new cooking equipment and L'atelier's cooking workshops.


This promo was filmed, edited and directed by Karl.

Mission: Impossible 2 Trailer

Trailer that Karl made on his post-grad editing course at Bournemouth University. It has received over half a million views on YouTube.

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