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AJ Tracey on Tottenham Hotspur & Grime Music

Short piece for Bleacher Report Football and Turner Broadcast that was shown on TV across the USA.

A look at the link between grime music, London and Tottenham Hotspur.


AJ Tracey talks about his love of Tottenham Hotspur before their Champions League match again Barcelona, as well as his music. 

Following this the host, Fernando Perez heads to Reprezent radio station to hear the best local grime artists do an MC battle.

Sounds of Gospel


Karl edited the entire Sounds of Gospel TV series for Vox Africa, as well as working as a cameraman on the shoot. This is one song from the show, the legendary gospel singer Basil Meade performing live.

Lux Lisbon Live At The Bull & Gate
Karl used to play lead guitar in Lux Lisbon and one of their gigs was professionally filmed. 


Karl then edited together a backstage interview with the concert highlights to create this promo for the band. 

Lux Lisbon: Live On BBC Radio Wales
Lux Lisbon performed a 4 song set live on BBC Radio Wales and this features the highlights plus an interview on Bethan Elfyn's Saturday night prime time radio show.


Lux Lisbon: Dance Until The Morning Comes (Live)


Recorded live across 2 performances at the Bull & Gate in London.


The venue films each gig on 3 crappy locked off DV cameras, then we brought 2 handheld cameras along ourselves. 


When the band played the venue for a second time, we instructed them to wear the exact same clothes and brought along another 2 cameras. 


So this became a cheat way of having a 7 camera shoot of their performance.

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