Ever wanted to quit your job and go travelling round the world? Well Karl & James did and they filmed it all!


Watch Karl & James’ backpacking documentary series as they travel through 20 countries in 4 continents over 9 months, covering a distance of over 42,000 miles.


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The final journey, driving across America from LA to New York.


Travelling along the old Route 66 and then diverting south through Texas towards New Orleans, then up through Nashville to Chicago, popping into Canada to catch up with some friends before finally arriving in New York



America is filled with so many spectacular National Parks, check out this video of when Karl visited them 2 years before HK2NY when there wasn't a government shutdown!


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8 tips for planning a road trip across America.


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If you don't fancy doing a road trip check out all of these tours around North America to give you loads of ideas for your trips.


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