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Here's all my films from my adventures around the world. 

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Morocco Trailer Title (0-00-00-00).jpg

My first trip to Morocco, a 9 day group tour looping from Marrakesh, through the High Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert and then out to the Atlantic Coast.


This was the first tour I hosted and organised, working with Intrepid Travel to create a bespoke itinerary that I put on sale to my followers.


Egypt & Jordan Trailer1.jpg

I went backpacking around Egypt & Jordan for one month by myself. 

Egypt & Jordan are undoubtedly on most people's travel bucket lists, but I've always had the impression that the majority of people travel there on an organised tour. 


So I wanted to give it a go by myself and see what it was like booking treating it like a normal backpacking trip. 

My first trip to Africa was a 5 week adventure through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.

Starting with a week in Cape Town, I then went on a 3 week tour taking me through unique landscapes and on breathtaking safaris before finishing with an action packed week at Victoria Falls.




I went solo backpacking in Vietnam, from Saigon up to Ha Giang.

This 3 part documentary series shows the entire backpacking experience. 

Travelling via bus, train, boat, plane and bike, I gradually made my way up through this stunning country that's a backpacker hotspot.

Vietnam 2020 Trailer.jpg

Karl and James are travelling to Japan for the very first time in this backpacking adventure. 

They will be travelling there for one month, starting in Tokyo and then using the Japan Rail Pass to explore the country.

Karl and James are heading to the Philippines for 3 weeks, but does it live up to the hype? 

They're planning to check out 5 different islands: Manila, Boracay, Cebu, Siargau and Palawan, and hopefully find out if it really is more fun in the Philippines. 


I return to Nepal with Chris to attempt the Everest Base Camp Trek. 


Will we make it this time or will one of them be struck down by altitude sickness again?


This was my first trip to India, backpacking by myself for 6 weeks.


In the first half I explores the cities of the north, before relaxing in the beaches and backwaters of the south.

Chris and I went on a 3 week journey through China, Tibet & Nepal with the highlight of reaching Mt Everest base camp. 


However, our plans fall apart with Chris being hospitalised with severe altitude sickness. Will we succeed with our Quest for Everest?

Episode 2 sees us in Nepal exploring Kathmandu before heading to Pokhara for an action-packed week of ultra-light flying, mountain biking, white water rafting and canyoing. 


Then we return to Kathmandu for a scenic flight up to Mt Everest. 


1 Hong & China 2.jpg

The start of my 9 month round the world trip with my mate James begins with the pre-trip build up, before flying to Hong Kong for a few nights. 


The major culture shock of China provides the first real challenge as we arrive for Chinese New Year before heading into the stunning countryside of Yangshou and the Longji Rice Fields. 

2 Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia.jpg

Action packed journey through Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia.


Partying on Castaway Island in Halong Bay; tubing in Laos; nightmare overnight bus journies; firing AK-47s; discovering the Killing Fields in Cambodia; exploring the world famous Angkor Wat and getting ripped off in the floating villages.

3 Thailand.jpg

1 month into our trip we arrived in Thailand.


Starting with the craziness of Khao San Road in Bangkok, they travel north to the jungles of Chiang Mai for some zip lining, elephant riding and more. 


Following this they head way down to the southern islands to party in paradise including visiting the beach from The Beach.


4 Bali.jpg

Things don't go to plan in Malaysia so we buy ourselves extra time in Bali.


Soaking up the sun and enjoying the party boat in the Gili Islands, encountering monkeys in Ubud and climbing the volcano of Mt Batur.







Iceland Trailer.jpg

10 day group tour in Iceland. One of my bepsoke tours I organised with Intrepid travel and was joined by 14 people who follow my channel.

We had travelled all the way round Iceland on the ring road, and were blown away by the endless natural wonders.

A Summer In Europe Trailer 3.JPG

I went on a 5 week trip through Switzerland, Italy & Croatia, my first big trip in over 18 months.

Highlights included hiking in Jungfrau Region and Zermatt; riding a boat on Lake Como; and sailing in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia.


A series of short films showing off weekend breaks around the UK. 

The silver lining of this last year is that it's encouraged me to explore more of my own backyard, whilst the borders for travellling are shut.

The first begins exploring Surrey where I live, then I'll gradually explore more of the country over the coming months. 

I got to spend one night in Wengen above the Lauterbrunnen valley to hike around the beautiful Jungfrau Region. 


I had a freelance job come in for Zurich, so I asked them to book my flight back a day late so I could go on a mini-adventure to the Swiss Alps.


An Unexpected Journey.jpg
Exploring Catalonia.jpg

A few day road trip around Catalonia with Irene from the tourism board.

The twist was it was a “mystery adventure tour” so I had no idea what I was going to be doing each day until we arrived at every location.

Some activities were easy and some were very hard!!


The Dolomites 4a.jpg

2 week trip travelling through Trentino, finishing up with hiking at The Dolomites. 

Starting off in the town of Trento, I got to visit various waterfalls, mines, and even a scenic helicopter ride.


Following this I travelled to various lakes, mountains and wineries, concluding the trip hiking right by The Dolomites mountains at Baita Segantini.


Surving Norway2.jpg

A crazy 4 day trip I went on to Norway, to follow in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton and learn polar expedition and survival skills in Finse.


This was a Star Wars movie location for the planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.


James and I go on a mini-adventure around our own country, visiting the cities of Manchester, Newcastle & Glasgow.

I was invited by IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) to go on 3 weekend adventures around Britain, showcasing the hidden gems that each city has to offer for Brit's looking to have a staycation.


Road Trip Round Ireland v3.jpg

My Irish mate Niall took the 4 of us on a 6 day road trip around Ireland.


This was my first time properly exploring the country, and we take in some of its main tourist sites, beautiful coastal scenery, and of course plenty of quality Irish pubs. 

From dislocating my shoulder by cliff diving, to Matt & Kathryn’s showdown at Gladiator school, this is the epic conclusion to the ‘Hippo’ Trilogy.


Our journey takes us through the tourist highlights of Northern Italy. One final road trip for this group of friends, before we went our separate ways.

What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. Unless you bring a video camera. A crazy weekend of drink, drugs and debauchery in Amsterdam for the legendary Queen's Day festival.


But all turns to darkness on the nightmare journey home, where we get stuck in the one place we don't want to be: Belgium.

Scotland 2.jpg

Matt & Kathryn buy the "Hippo", a £400 van that we decide to test on this road trip to the Highlands of Scotland.


However the van breaks down before we even reach Edinburgh. It's a public holiday, all the garages are closed and the car rentals are fully booked. This trip could be over before it even begins.

Nostalgic week returning to a place I first visited when I was 2 years old and have returned to many times: the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland, specifically Wengen and Grindelwald. 


The most spectacular setting ever used for a concert! 


10,000 people rocking out to Bryan Adams, 2000 metres up a snow covered mountain. This was the first travel video I made and it covers the entire trip. 


Myself and Steve were joined by Matt, who’d never seen Bryan Adams before and never really wanted to either. 



Latin America
Central America Trailer2.jpg

I went on a 6 week solo backpacking trip through Central America. 

My journey took me to the cenotes, islands and reefs of Mexico & Belize, then to the jungles, temples and volcanoes of Guatemala. 

I go on a 7 week adventure with my mate James, backpacking through Panama, Colombia & Venezuela. 

Features us sailing through the Caribbean paradise of the San Blas Islands, trekking to the Lost City in Colombia, and discovering Angel Falls & Roraima Mountain in Venezuela.

8 Argentina & Brazil.jpg

6 months into our 9 month trip we arrive in South America, travelling across Argentina and Brazil.

Our journey takes us through the Andes to the wineries of Mendoza; the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls; the jungles and beaches of Brazil; finishing off with a fun few days in Rio.

9 Peru 2.jpg

The first part of our Peruvian Adventure sees us walking the Inca Trail through the Andes to the world famous Machu Picchu.


Following this we head deep in to the Amazon Jungle encountering all kinds of wildlife along the way.

9+1 Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua.jpg

The penultimate leg of our 9 month journey. 


Island hopping in the Caribbean, going on a jungle cruise in Costa Rica and heading up to Nicaragua for one massive party with the Sunday Funday Pool Crawl.

North America



Something a little different for me as I went to an all inclusive resort in Antigua in the Caribbean.

Travelling with 40 other different content creators I got to experience everything the island had to offer. From kayaking, scooter snorkelling, nature sanctuaries, and even ended up as an extra in a work out video with Fleur East.


I spent 2 weeks road tripping through the Canadian Rockies. 


Starting in Vancouver and finishing in Calgary, I travelled with various friends I made from my backpacking adventures around the world. 

11 USA & Canada 2.jpg

The final journey, driving across America from LA to New York.


Travelling along the old Route 66 and then diverting south through Texas towards New Orleans, then up through Nashville to Chicago, popping into Canada to catch up with some friends before finally arriving in New York.

The Grand Circle Artwork.jpg

Road trip through some of the most beautiful places in the world, out west in The Grand Circle: America's national parks including Zion, Bryce, Arches, Mesa Verde & The Grand Canyon.


Why would anyone travel from the UK to the US to see Bryan Adams? This film answers that question.
Join us on the road as we travel through the Deep South to 4 concerts. This film gives you the complete concert travelling experience: the highs and the lows; the beaches and the bars; theme parks, camping, sky diving and much more!




Discover Queensland - Ep1 new.JPG

I filmed 4 different trips in Queensland for STA Travel, and now I've combined all of these together to give you a complete overview of Australia's backpacking paradise.

Highlights included scuba diving in The Great Barrier Reef; sailing the Whitsundays; having fun on Fraser Island; exploring the Daintree Rainforest; learning to surf at Surfer's Paradise; plus sky diving, bungy jumps, helicopter rides and loads more.

I return to New Zealand for a 7 week road trip.

On the North Island I travel with my Kiwi friend Matt who takes me off the beaten track before going on the classic backpacking trail.

The South Island is full of mountains and madness with epic landscapes and crazy adrenaline activities.


5 Australia Pt 1.jpg

Road trip through Australia's Outback exploring the national parks with a fantastic group and a guide that pushed our experience to another level.


Crocodile Dundee, didgeridoos, snakes, spiders - every Australian cliché you can think of is here.


6 Australia Pt 2.jpg

Finishing off the Australia Outback experience with Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon before flying out to the East Coast.


Working our way from Cairns down to Melbourne, this is one of the most popular backpacking routes in the world.


7 New Zealand.jpg

Travelling on the Kiwi Experience bus round both islands of the stunningly beautiful New Zealand.


This episode has everything: bungy jumps, sky diving, climbing mountains, glaciers, riding helicopters, visiting Hobbiton, plus all the crazy drunken antics from the bus.



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