What’s your favourite country you’ve been to?


This one’s always been hard to answer because I enjoy different places for different reasons. Whether it’s the cultural shock of China, the backpacker parties in Thailand, the friendliness of Nepal or the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland. 


But if I had to pick one country I would say it New Zealand. Queenstown in particular combines so many things I enjoy: beautiful mountains to explore, endless crazy activities to do during the day, and a great backpacker scene to party with at night.


How much did HK2NY cost?


The entire 9 month trip cost £22,000 each (roughly $33,000). People hear this figure and freak out, but keep in mind we did a massive trip which included a lot of expensive things such as driving across America and the big G Adventures package we did in Peru. Watch this budget video I made for a full breakdown of the trip and ideas for how do cheaper backpacking trips around the world.

How much would it cost to go travelling to... for...?


The general rule I say is try and budget £1,000 ($1,500) per month of travelling. Some places will be more expensive (Australia, New Zealand, USA, western Europe), but in areas like South East Asia you’ll be fine with that.


One thing that really increases your budget is the activities you’ll be doing, so try and do a bit of research before you go. All of those bungy jumps, surf lessons, sky dives, white water rafting trips, etc - they all add up, and you don’t want to miss out on them once you’re there! 


I want to go travelling, but I don’t even know where to begin with planning a trip


First thing you can do is have a look at my planning a trip page, hopefully you’ll find lots of useful information there. Secondly you can always just go into a travel agency for a chat without booking anything - that’s what they’re there for. 


What’s the best way to meet people and make friends travelling?


Making friends and meeting new people is the best thing about travelling, and it’s so easy to do. Staying at hostels is the easiest way, everyone chats to each other. Plus you’ll always meet people when you book yourself on a tour or activity.


How do you book hostels?


Use hostelworld.com. Check out my video here on tips for finding the best hostels.


Is it safe for a female to travel solo?

In a word, yes. I've met plenty of solo female travellers in my time, plus when you're backpacking your very rarely actually by youself because you constantly make new friends along the way. 


But don't just listen to me, watch this video with advice from 22 different solo female travellers from around the world:


Have you got any packing tips for backpacking?​

What do you do with your bags during the day?


Your main bag will just stay by your bed in the hostel, and then nearly every hostel in the world provides personal lockers to store your valuables in. If you’re going on an activity that lasts a few days (e.g. a long trek) hostel usually provide a baggage storage room you can keep your main luggage locked up in.


What camera do you use?

For HK2NY I filmed everything on a Sony Handycam. Nowadays I use a Sony A7s, plus a DJI Osmo Action for action stuff and I also have a DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Click here to watch a video on my full kit breakdown


What software do you use?


I edit all the videos with Final Cut X and the graphics are done in After Effects. 


Where's James?


He's back in the UK.