• It's the best and easiest way to find the cheapest flights out there

  • Compares all of the different flight websites out there to find you the best deals

  • They have an excellent app that is really easy to use too

  • However, some of the flights they find you are through travel websites with really poor customer service, sometimes not asking for your passport details when buying your ticket which can lead to problems when checking in

  • Personally I use Skyscanner to cost flights and book shorter or internal flights

  • Go to Skyscanner now >



  • After pricing flights on Skycanner I generally use Expedia for booking my long haul flights

  • There may be other sites that are slightly cheaper but for me its worth paying the extra bit of money for their reliable customer service and peace of mind for your long haul flight which is the backbone of your trip

  • Go to Expedia now >

STA Travel:


  • I used STA to book my massive round the world ticket for HK2NY

  • They have pre-built tickts (as shown on teh right) but you can create your own custom route from scratch

  • My best advice is go into a store and chat to them, all of their staff are people who have travelled before and can offer expert advice

  • They'll find the best route for you and can also help out with tours when you're there

  • They can also help out with visas, vaccinations, insurance, hostels, the list goes on...

  • Go to STA Travel now >

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